Why Engineered Short Cut Fibers?

For close to 100 years, Claremont Flock has been providing innovative engineered solutions in short cut flock fibers.

We have the ability to cut most any fiber and denier to custom lengths. We cut nylon, viscose, acrylic, polyester, polypropylene, and cotton fibers on a daily basis. We also can cut specialty fibers including aramid, modacrylic, pla, melamine, and natural fibers.

Our equipment allows us to cut fibers from lengths of .25 mm to 50 mm. We can cut these to precision or varied lengths.

Additionally we have a full dye house that can custom dye the fibers. Our knowledge and experience allows us to create custom chemistry for electrostatic flocking, better dispersion, or other custom needs and properties.

We partner with you from start to finish to make a custom product that meets your unique challenges. We work with each customer to develop the cost structure, specific requirements, and quality to create a custom delivered solution.

We are driven by the challenge and passionate about our service.

Providing Engineered Short Cut Fiber Solutions

AC or DC Electrostatic Flocking

Reinforcement in Battery Pasting

Reinforcement in Coatings

Anti Cracking in Coatings

Security Fibers in Paper



Decorative Plastics



Reduce Coating Tack

Craft and Hobby

Rubber Reinforcement

Wax Mold Reinforcement


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