What's involved in Flock Fiber Quality Control

When you need a precision length fiber, you need to know that you will get the finished product you expect without adding steps to the process. End use customers also come to expect a level of quality in goods they buy. Therefore, at Claremont Flock, quality control is built into the process of fiber cutting and screening to remove uncertainty and doubt when moving ahead with goods production. The team at Claremont knows their equipment well and is able to calibrate their machines to achieve the maximum production throughput without sacrificing on quality and consistency.

Experienced Staff

The team at Claremont combines for over 200 years of experience and knowledge in the flocking industry. They are able to get the job done right the first time. Whether selecting the proper finish or dye for the fiber or making adjustments to cut length This team has worked with all types of materials. This competitive advantage is a direct benefit to the customers we serve.

Honing the Blades

Operators continuously keep the cutting blades sharp on all machines by honing the blades so that a clean cut is achieved and the flock fiber does not end up with damaged ends.

Quality Checks

Samples are taken at regular intervals to evaluate the quality of the cutting process and make adjustments as necessary. This ensures that the right steps are taken in finishing a product and any problems that arise are caught at the earliest opportunity. This combination enables savings to be passed on to the customer. For more information or to request samples, call us at 978-534-6191, chat with us live, or contact us via email.

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