Our expertise in cutting goes back to 1915 when the company was started as a textile waste recycling company. 


At Claremont Flock, our goal is to provide you a product that meets your needs. We have the knowledge and experience to provide a packaged product or tolls services if needed.


We have the technical and manufacturing know-how to cut most any fiber to precision or random-cut lengths up to .010" and longer.


Our modern dye house is ready to offer dyed and finished flock and short cut fiber to meet your specific requirements. 

We can cut in variable lengths and blend fibers to meet your requirements.


If you have fibers that need to be cut to a shorter length and/or processed to meet your end applicaiton please give us a call.


Or processes include precision cutting, random cutting, dyeing, finishing, drying, bulking, packaging, and screening. 


Our lab services including color matching, cutting services, finishing, and screening services. We can also make flock samples on various substrates - flat or object. Our R&D team is ready to work with you.


Taking fiber-based raw material and giving it a life of its own has long been the cornerstone of development at Claremont Flock.  Drawing on strong research, product development and a clear understanding of customer requirements, Claremont Flock continues to focus on precision and random cut fibers as more demanding applications emerge. 


Our vision for the future is for an unparalleled expansion of growth into new industries.  As new fibers and finishes are produced, new opportunities develop.  Changing markets are the prerequisites for these changing times.  We, at Claremont Flock, are equipped to address these changes and to make your vision a reality.

See Our ISO Certificate

You can contact us at:

107 Scott Dr.
Leominster, MA 01453 USA


Phone - 978-534-6191

Fax - 978-534-7352

Hours: M-F 9am - 5pm

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